Dr. Fatima Zarinni

Adjunct Faculty   and   Research Scientist,  Computer Science Dept.,  NYU (Courant)

Fatima Zarinni

Starting from September 2016, I am an Adjunct Faculty and Research Scientist at the Department of Computer Science at NYU (Courant).

My research interests are in the exciting and broad areas of Mobile and Wireless Networking and Systems . I work on all layers of the protocol stack, and my research includes:

I am actively and enthusiastically continuing my research work at NYU, on impactful, interesting, and important research problems in my field. I am a member of the NYU Open Networks and Big Data Lab.

I received my Ph.D. in December 2015 from Stony Brook University, in Computer Science. During my Ph.D. studies, I was an active and hardworking member of both the WINGS and COMPAS labs. I was also a postdoctoral researcher for a short term, at the COMPAS Lab, before I chose to join NYU and continue with my research ideas and projects, and more here.

My research work appears in popular conferences in my field. I have won multiple awards from my University, reputed Networking Conferences, and my Department. I also have a GPA of 3.89 / 4.0.